Material Handling Belt Conveyors
Available in two sizes: 16" & 24"


The Zabel Equipment Models ZC1600 & ZC2400 Belt Conveyors will handle a large volume of material for little cost. This conveyor is designed to be “inexpensive”, not “cheep”. With formed 12ga. steel sections, spanning 30’ is no problem. Greaseable 1-1/4” bearings on the drive and tail drums provide for years of trouble free service. You have a choice of 3 different drive types; standard roller chain and sprocket reduction, right-angle worm gear reducer, and direct drive hydraulic motor. Options include; covers, hopper, plow-off, adjustable incline joint, adjustable decline joint, 5degree decline section, external and internal belt scrapers, rotary brush, reverse kit, smooth belting, ruff top (crescent) belting, cleated belting, and support brackets. A better built conveyor for the money will be hard or maybe impossible to find.
Three optional drive types to best meet your material handling needs:
Standard chain and pulley drive is used in most units. Automatic chain tightener prevents unnecessary maintenance.  Right or left side drive is available to fit any application.
Compact hydraulic drive is available on all models.  Hydraulic drive offers variable belt speeds to best suit different type of materials.
Optional gear reduction drive is totally enclosed, a big plus for industrial applications.  The compact size and oil-bathed gears are other big advantages.



Heavy greasable bearings are used
the drive and idle. This
prolongs bearing life
and prevents
costly breakdowns.

Optional power brush cleans material
off belt,
preventing carry back of material
providing a cleaner work place.

Drive rollers are covered with heavy
lagging to prevent belt slippage.
design of rollers assures
center belt tracking.

As shown in this idle roller, the unique
wing design helps prevent material
on the roller. Also, note the sturdy construction, for years of reliable service.


Optional 6 degree decline section allows you to maintain the concave in the belt while declining.  This keeps the material in the center of the belt.  Sections are 12" long and can be assembled with a 1' or 2' section to attain up to 42 degrees of incline.
- Zabel Equipment Belt Conveyer Options -
-16" Model 1625 -Hopper -Downspout
-24" Model 2400 -Covers -Power Brush
-Chain Drive -Crescent Belt -Plow Off (16" only)
-Hydraulic Drive -6 Degree Incline -Support Brackets & Legs
-Enclosed Gear Reduction Drive -Belt Scraper -Right Hand or Left Hand Drive
-Decline Section -Diverters -Reversing Kit
-Incline Section -Downspout Adapters (Also with Scraper) -1', 2', 4', and 8' Sections

- Zabel Equipment Belt Conveyer Features -

-Large Capacity -Low H.P. Requirements
-Simple Design -Easy to Maintain
-Easy to install, only 4 bolts per section -Heavy 12 gauge construction
-Compact Drive & Idle allows installation where there is limited space -Reversible so it may save on additional unit
-No material separation: as material simply lays on belt until dropped off.  No paddles dragging material in trough to gum up in certain kinds of material. -Standard sections in 1 - 2 - 4 - 8 foot can make any length conveyer from 8 feet to 150 feet.
-Less installation time.  So easy to install anyone can assemble without any special tools or experience. -Slower belt speed means less H.P. and less wear to give longer life and less maintenance for years of trouble free operation.
-The industrial designed belt conveyer will do your conveying job better at a lower cost over the years.

Click here for a Dimensions Drawing of our conveyors

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