Model ZCF 1600 Belt Feeder

If You have been looking for a durable, simple operating bunk feeder, you just found it with the Zabel Equipment Model ZCF1600 16 Belt Feeder. Heavy steel construction  dipped in enamel paint, and greasable bearings will give you years of reliable service.

In most installations a single motor drives both the conveying belt and plow(s), distributing feed evenly throughout the length of the bunk. Power from the motor is distributed to the plow using a right angle worm-gear reducer, and A2050 roller chain in a continuous loop. 

Driven with a #40 roller chain from the jack shaft, positive plow movement is achieved, unlike a twisted V belt and cable system. Plow options are; standard one-way; two-way, with 3 optional trips; and by-pass, with 2 optional trips. Other options include; heavy-duty drive for longer lengths, reverse kit, center fill kit (for dropping feed on to the conveying belt anywhere between drive and idle unit, or for multiple plows in a multi-lot feed bunk), wind boards, covers, independent plow drive, longer length hoppers, and leg stands.

Positive chain drive makes this design rugged enough to provide years of reliable service. Heavy greasable bearings used throughout the feeder promise maximum bearing life. Adjustable drive roller makes centering the belt easy, even on reverse applications.
Optional 2-way plow swivels from side to side to allow single lot or multiple lot feeding. Constructed of steel and 1/4" vinyl for years of reliable service. 16" PVC belting is rated at 120 lbs. per square inch. Belting is also low temperature, ensuring flexibility on cold mornings.
Totally enclosed oil bath gear box gives years of consistent, trouble free service. Drives plow smoothly without the slippage sometimes associated with belt driven plows. Direct chain drive is another big advantage over belt driven models.


A single motor will drive belt and plow for
lot or dual lot feeding. Sturdy No.
20/50 chain
drives plow and prevents
slippage on frosty
mornings. Simple
design of plow carriage
dependable, problem-free service.

By adding a 1/2 horsepower motor and an
optional independent plow drive this feeder
can double as a conveyor. The plow will stop
anywhere to plow off feed into a mixer,
conveyor, or another feeder. The same feeder
will still fill a feed bunk or can be used for
in barn feeding


Check out these advantages of the Zabel Equipment 1600 Feeder:
     2', 4', and 8' sections make up any length desired
     One-way and Two-way plows

     Galvanized windboards - Galvanized covers

     Legs and eg brackets - 2' and 4' galvanized hoppers

     Multiple and split lot feeding set-ups

     Independent plow drive

     Large capacity, handles upt to 3 unloaders

     Heavy Duty Steel construction and simple design

     Easy maintenance, greasable bearings throughout

     Less installation time due to common sense design

     Sturdy belt tightener, course 3/4" threads resist moisture and corrosion

     Double-dipped steel frames resist rust and silage acid
     Wide variety of options and accessories to fit almost any set-up

     Completely shielded for your safety

     Compact idle and drive allow installation in limited spaces

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