Model ZTF 1630 16" Center Fill Feeder

The ZTF 1630 Center Fill feeding concept may
be ideal for your
feed lot system. A quality center
fill feeder that moves smoothly with less
moving parts
can save you time and money.


Our unique design is powered by he hydraulic system shown here.  A bi-directional valve and orbit motor are used to reverse the travel direction.  By allowing the electric motor to run in one direction, instant reverse motor and reverse switching problems are eliminated!  Cold winter days are not a problem with the us of automatic transmission fluid to run the system.

Even distribution of all types of feed is a huge advantage of this feeder.  Hanging near the bunk roof is a big benefit in keeping the feeder out of the weather.  It also eliminates the problem of legs rusting off due to contact with the silage.  Notice the lack of obstructions in the lower bunk area. 

Installation is quick and easy.  Support brackets can hang from either cross supports in a bunk, second story floor joists or the ceiling in a barn.  Rails are then attached to the support brackets with a clamp by just tightening a set screw.  The drive unit and tray sections come pre-assembled from the factory, thus reducing valuable time!  Because who has time to waste these days?

A drawback to center fill feeders is the portion of belt or chain that does not drop feed.  We have solved the problem with the dead spot feed plow.  No more moldy feed sitting on the belt waiting to fall into the bunk and making your animals sick.

The 16" wide belt has the capacity to haul feed away from almost any set-up, from total ration mixers to combined unloaders running at the same time.  Saves you time and money by reducing feeding time. 

Quiet, easy-rolling UHMW (plastic) wheels carry the feeder tray smoothly along the 2" x 2" angle ion rails. 2050 roller chain is used to pull the tray back and forth.  A 3/4" rod protects the chain from being accidentally knocked off the support hooks by curious cattle.


Advantages of the Zabel Equipment ZTF 1630 16" Center Fill Feeder:

Low horsepower requirements 
Easy installation 
Heavy 12 gauge construction 
Easy to maintain greaseable bearings 
Hydraulic drive 
Can be set-up in bunks or inside barn mangers 
Low profile design allows for maximum clearance beneath feeders 
Quiet operation 
Concave design for increased capacity 
Double-dipped enamel paint covering 

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