Model ZC3600 Belt Conveyor


“Extra Heavy-Duty Construction and Great Capacity” is the best way to describe the Zabel Equipment Model ZC3600 36” Belt Conveyor. From it’s large 12” diameter drive and tail drums with 1-1/2” replaceable shafts, to 12ga. and 7ga. steel construction, this conveyor proves to be heavy, heavy, heavy! Spanning up to 30’ also proves the strength of this conveyor. With 4 different type of drive units; standard chain and sprocket reduction, right angle worm-gear and motor reduction, shaft mount gear reducer, and hydraulic motor; there is a style to fit any application. Other options include; covers, adjustable incline joint, adjustable decline joint, 5degree decline section, oversized hopper, smooth belting, ruff top (crescent) belting, cleated belting, external and internal belt scrapers, rotary brush, and support brackets. So if You are in the market for a large capacity conveyor, the Zabel Equipment Model ZC3600 36” Belt Conveyor is the one for you.
Drive units are available with either; chain and sprocket reductions, shaft mount reducer, or direct drive hydraulic motor. Large diameter drive drum and pinch roller provides positive traction on conveyors up to 200' in length. External belt cleaners (not shown) are also available, to help keep surrounding areas clean.
Large diameter tail pulley put less stress on belt splice. Pinch roller provides positive tracking in bi-directional conveyors 11' of tail roller adjustment allows plenty of belt take-up for longer conveyors. Optional internal belt scrapper (not shown), clears material that is trapped between belts, greatly reducing roller build-up.

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